The podcast features inspiring stories about the healing journey from the point of view of patients, caregivers and their providers to illuminate wisdom, inspiration and hope to build patient resilience and empowerment.

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Got a Story?

Do you have a powerful healing story that needs to be told? These will be recorded, conversational discussions with patients, caregivers, and traditional and complementary practitioners. Ideal speakers will be screened using the following criteria:

  • Unique and compelling stories about the journey of healing from physical injury
  • Demonstrate taking 100% responsibility for healing, wellbeing and self-advocacy
  • Demonstrate and articulate lessons or opportunities made possibly through the journey
  • Integration of traditional medicine and alternative healing therapies
  • Stories of tragedy to triumph

If you have a powerful story that needs to be told please provide:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Phone
  4. Your story in 50 words or less

“Aesthetically beautiful and well done. Blue Skies podcast tells stories of bravery and healing. Inspiring listening for anyone wanting to experience the power of being human.”

Claudine Grunenwald Kirschner, Founder of Gladsome: A Retreat to Nourish your Creative Spirit

“What an honor it is being part of Blue Skies: Stories That Heal. I was blown away by your story and humbled to be in the company of the transformative stories in the series. Thank you for allowing me to tell my story powerfully and in-order to be an inspiration for others.”

Billy Davis, Team Biv Bodies

“Healthcare is in a moment of transition. That makes it more important than ever to hear stories that value diverse perspectives, individualized pathways and direct insights into how that change could be directed. Especially as a future healthcare provider, it is so important to hear these perspectives and learn from them as we consider what healthcare of the future looks like.”

Anne Steptoe, Co-Founder, MedServe

“Sheila and I learned many years ago from Bernie Siegel M.D (Love, Medicine and Miracles, 1986). Even if you have to buck the system and be a “bad patient”, you must take the lead and heal in your own way; supported by families, friends, and hopefully, the medical care team. The Blue Skies Podcast is a great resource in offering guidance to others as they travel through their own healing.”

Mary Tadych, Mom

“Sheila Mullen recently launched the Blue Skies (Stories That Heal) podcast, which is perfectly representative of her entrepreneurial spirit, compassion and eagerness to help others through their health challenges.   Along with a kickass career in business and innovation, her true claim to fame is that she was my very first executive coach and endured me bursting into tears in my first coaching session.”

Andrea J. Stevenson, Executive Director, The Lee Institute

“The Blue Skies podcast stories illuminate that each healing journey is unique and each journeyer “let go” of the “why me” and began to live with gratitude to get on with life….an illustration of their healing.”

Vanessa Keller, Friend

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