Resilience Coaching

Coaching is a powerful vehicle for change – especially if it is science based. Resilience Coaching helps people develop and cultivate the mindset and actions needed to recover and move forward during big challenges and substantial setbacks. The direction, clarity and courage gained through the coaching process with Sheila effectively turns stories of tragedy into stories of triumph.

Public Speaking

Sheila quickly engages her audiences, interacts with them, challenges them and leaves them with life-changing and innovative thoughts to implement towards changing and dramatically improving both their performance and well-being in both their professional and personal lives.  Sheila has spoken at conferences, trade shows, graduate schools, organizations and to all types and ages of audiences.

Sheila Mullen, The Coach & Speaker

Sheila passionately supports people to be healthy and thrive – in life and in leadership. As a Resilience Coach, she draws on her extensive coach training. Sheila has her Masters of Science in Organizational Development and Executive Coaching from Queens University and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from Institute of Integration Nutrition. She is also known as an entrepreneurial and innovative thinker, problem solver and rapid relationship builder with the pragmatic business acumen of more than 20 years in corporate America. This background, coupled with her own experience healing after a broken femur, led her to develop her company Blue Skies. It focuses on celebrating “Stories That Heal” and helping people develop their own resilience.

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