About The Book

The biggest challenges of today’s healthcare system is how to navigate healing in a specialized system of care designed for efficiency and productivity instead of humanity and empathy. Unfortunately, it can be a terrifying, confusing and stressful journey.  We live in a world of rapid advances in medical science, but care is delivered in specialties, not in a whole-person-centered approach. This leaves the navigation of healing to the patients and their caregivers as they travel an unfamiliar road.

Blue Skies: A Patient and Caregivers Guide to Navigating Healing is designed to guide you through navigating your own healing journey by:

  • Guiding the patient and caregiver to navigate the healing journey
  • Becoming your own advocate
  • Building dream team of support
  • Discovering complementary healing modalities
  • Renegotiating the new normal
  • Moving from fear to love

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Sheila Mullen, The Author

Sheila Mullen has spent her career weaving together broad systems thinking with sound business acumen and unwavering commitment to creating environments where everyone thrives. She has earned degrees in Human Environment and Design, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and a Masters in Organizational Development (MSOD) and Executive Wellness Coaching. Her rich corporate experience mixed with her entrepreneurial spirit allows her to see possibility everywhere while achieving great results. Her friends describe her as curious, determined, inspirational, big-hearted and the one who laughs first. Most of all she loves her husband Sean and their two furry friends, Maggie (dog) and Dobhen (cat).

© 2016 Sheila Mullen, Blue Skies: Stories That Heal, Creator, Author, Coach and Speaker. 

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