About Blue Skies

A wise nurse once said, “entering the healthcare system is like being dropped into a foreign country, where you don’t have a roadmap or speak the language.”

Each healing journey will be unique. And your outlook along the way will change day to day, like the weather. Some days will be stormy and some days will be blue skies. The name Blue Skies comes from the belief that you can face your tragedy and still triumph. Resilience, connection and creativity are key.

Blue Skies is created to inspire and empower patients and caregivers as they navigate the healing journey.

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Sheila Mullen, The Creator

Blue Skies creator, Sheila Mullen, loved being physically active. It was a perfect combination of fitness, friendship and competition, with a big dose of endorphins. It was her therapy and her secret to staying healthy. Being active gave Sheila the feeling of being powerful, free and in control. In 2013, all that came to a screeching halt, when her femur broke disrupting her life and stripping her of her identity as an athlete. Nothing could have prepared Sheila for a three-year journey that included: two emergency surgeries, eight months on a walker, two years of chronic pain and the lessons she learned on her healing journey.

As a result of this journey Sheila recognized the need for patients and their caregivers to have additional support and tools to inspire and empower them on their own healing journey. She created Blue Skies – the philosophy, the podcast series and the book to help others like her.

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